We are RF

Systematically challenging the industry with new innovations

We are RF - an innovative and driven player manufacturing high-quality railway, ground, and construction products in Vinslöv, Skåne.

Unique product range

At RF, we develop and create the products we want to work with ourselves. With us, you will find a unique assortment developed by RF, produced in Vinslöv, and tested by our customers. Many of our innovations are now flagship products in the industry.

Our wide range of Kinshofer products

RF is local and based in Vinslöv but simultaneously global, operating in an international market as we are part of the Kinshofer Group. This means we have a wide range of products through our sister companies, with products for every need.

Satisfied customers are our top priority

Close customer contact and a high level of service are as important to us as they are to you. That is why our staff is available to help you when needed. You can always feel safe with us as we have a reliable after-sales service for those who have purchased our products.

Large spare parts stock and excellent aftermarket support

Since 1978, we have been operating in Vinslöv, Sweden. This means we have long-standing relationships with our customers and want them to be able to use their favourite products for as long as possible. Our spare parts stock is extensive, and we can offer rare spare parts for many products no longer in production. Feel free to contact us and ask what we have in stock.

Highlighted Tools

Bolted teeth for digging in harder materials

Clamshell Bucket

For drilling vertically or horizontally

BOR Auger

Tree pruning up to 100 mm

Branch Cutter Bar

Kinshofer Group's global presence


NOX Tiltrotator

One of our unique flagship products is the NOX Tiltrotator, the best tilt rotator on the market that excels in every aspect. It has no tilt cylinders that can get in the way or break. In addition, it can be angled 2 x 50 degrees on both sides, making your work much more efficient than before, saving time and resources. The NOX Tiltrotator is suitable for all construction tasks, has intelligent control systems, and requires minimal maintenance.

About Us

Driven by innovation

At RF, we constantly innovate and develop our products according to our customers’ needs. We systematically take great strides to stay at the forefront. We are both local and global at the same time – our products are manufactured at the production facility in Vinslöv, which means we have full control over every nut and bolt while being part of a large international group that allows our customers to purchase all their products from one supplier. In addition, we have a well-known and accessible after-sales service and an extensive spare parts inventory, allowing you to use your favourite products for as long as you want.