About us

Innovators who
challenge and improve

We are RF - an innovative and driven player manufacturing high-quality railway, ground, and construction products in Vinslöv, Skåne.

Unique product range

At RF, we develop and create the products we want to work with ourselves. With us, you will find a unique assortment developed by RF, produced in Vinslöv, and tested by our customers. Many of our innovations are now flagship products in the industry.

Our wide range of Kinshofer products

RF is local and based in Vinslöv but simultaneously global, operating in an international market as we are part of the Kinshofer Group. This means we have a wide range of products through our sister companies, with products for every need.

Satisfied customers are our top priority

Close customer contact and a high level of service are as important to us as they are to you. That is why our staff is available to help you when needed. You can always feel safe with us as we have a reliable after-sales service for those who have purchased our products.

Large spare parts stock and excellent aftermarket support

Since 1978, we have been operating in Vinslöv, Sweden. This means we have long-standing relationships with our customers and want them to be able to use their favourite products for as long as possible. Our spare parts stock is extensive, and we can offer rare spare parts for many products no longer in production. Feel free to contact us and ask what we have in stock.


Creative product development is in our DNA

When RF was founded in 1978, it was with the conviction that innovative products could streamline the work of contractors. Many years have passed since the first smart cable ploughs left RF, but we are still driven to find creative and practical solutions to problems in areas such as groundwork and construction.

Throughout the years, close collaboration with our customers has been the foundation of product development. We have often received suggestions and inquiries that we have been able to develop into new or improved products – after all; it’s the contractors working in the field who see the needs in their specific businesses! We always test our product ideas with users, often leading to new suggestions and perspectives. When a product is nearing its final stage, we ask our test pilots, who are contractors, to use the new product in full-scale tests for an extended period. Only after final approval does the new product enter our range.


We deliver the products that our customers demand

Bo Andersson founded RF-System as a part-time company in 1978 when he saw a need for smart cable ploughs and other cable and line work equipment in the market. The range expanded gradually, and RF now has the country’s broadest assortment in groundwork and construction. By focusing on innovative product development in close collaboration with customers, RF continues to deliver efficient products to contractors.

Since 2011, RF-System has been a subsidiary of the Kinshofer Group. Nowadays, the company is much larger than a part-time company, but manufacturing remains firmly rooted in the Scanian soil of Vinslöv. And that cable plough? It is still part of our core range.

Kinshofer Group

The world's leading company in construction

RF-System is a subsidiary of the German Kinshofer, founded in 1971 in Bavaria by Alfred Kinshofer. Since its inception, the company has developed into a global player and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of accessories for loaders and excavators. The base of the product range is the NOX Tiltrotator, which is used worldwide.

The parent company Kinshofer Group operates in seven different areas: construction and engineering, demolition, recycling and scrap handling, railway equipment, material handling, as well as groundworks and drilling. The corporate group consists of eight companies in 13 countries, providing over 4,000 products. Kinshofer Group is part of a worldwide Swedish corporate group – the Lifco Group – whose main shareholder is Carl Bennet.

We can access an unbeatable wide range thanks to RF having sister companies worldwide. At our sister companies, we can find innovative gems that, after testing at home, can enter our core range. Several sister companies also appreciate our Swedish-made products.