NOX Tiltrotator

For efficient digging jobs with high precision

Our innovative NOX Tiltrotator functions as a universal joint between the excavator and equipment.

The need

Demanding tasks take both time and resources

Tight spaces and complicated digging jobs often require you to adjust the excavator’s position two or even three times more than you have the time for. Each movement also risks damaging the surface, making the work both time-consuming and inefficient. RF saw a need in the market and developed its own tiltrotator to facilitate and streamline the process.


Make your equipment more flexible with a unique tiltrotator

Our in-house developed NOX Tiltrotator acts as a universal joint mounted between your excavator and working equipment. It allows you to rotate a bucket or a grapple, for example, 360° continuously, and tilt it 50° to both sides. This way, you can work more efficiently and easily manoeuvre around obstacles, even if the area you are working in is tight and challenging to navigate.

NOX Tiltrotator enhances your machine's performance and functionality

Our experience and innovative strength have led to one of the most advanced tools for excavators: the NOX Tiltrotator. With 360° continuous rotation and a tilt angle of 2 x 50°, it becomes a universal attachment that enhances the performance and functionality of your machine. Add a long list of practical features and several smart accessories, and you have a versatile tool that can withstand tough use and be fully customized to your needs.

With the NOX Tiltrotator as a universal joint between your excavator or railway machine and a bucket or a grapple, for example, you can angle and rotate the equipment in a completely different way than before. Precision is improved, and the need to reposition the excavator is reduced, thereby protecting the ground from damage. The working equipment can also be positioned entirely within reach of the boom to work around any obstacles.

Simple levelling tasks with a levelling beam can be performed without relocating the excavator. Precise placement of paving stones, measured and accurate filling of ditches with a bucket rotated 90°, or handling different materials in tight spaces is no longer a problem with the NOX Tiltrotator.

There are many benefits to the NOX Tiltrotator

  1. Provides your working equipment with continuous 360° rotation and a tilt angle of up to 50° on both sides

  2. Compact design without protruding parts makes work smooth in tight spaces

  3. Stable and robust thanks to a specially cast iron housing with all hydraulics integrated

  4. Flexible and adaptable: we offer a wide range of tiltrotators and accessories that fit virtually all machines up to 25 tons, allowing you to customize the equipment according to your needs

  5. It can be mounted directly on the excavator’s stick or choose from several different hydraulic and mechanical quick-coupling systems 

  6. Equipped with counterbalance valves so you can hold the load in the desired position

  7. High and constant torque thanks to the oval rotary cylinder

  8. Few lubrication points and few parts requiring maintenance

  9. High safety: manual work in dangerous areas can be reduced to a minimum, and thanks to the compact design, you have a clear view around the tiltrotator, reducing the risk of accidents.

Unique product range

At RF, we develop and create the products we want to work with ourselves. With us, you will find a unique assortment developed by RF, produced in Vinslöv, and tested by our customers. Many of our innovations are now flagship products in the industry.

Our wide range of Kinshofer products

RF is local and based in Vinslöv but simultaneously global, operating in an international market as we are part of the Kinshofer Group. This means we have a wide range of products through our sister companies, with products for every need.

Satisfied customers are our top priority

Close customer contact and a high level of service are as important to us as they are to you. That is why our staff is available to help you when needed. You can always feel safe with us as we have a reliable after-sales service for those who have purchased our products.

Large spare parts stock and excellent aftermarket support

Since 1978, we have been operating in Vinslöv, Sweden. This means we have long-standing relationships with our customers and want them to be able to use their favourite products for as long as possible. Our spare parts stock is extensive, and we can offer rare spare parts for many products no longer in production. Feel free to contact us and ask what we have in stock.

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