Tiltpower TC

Tiltpower coupler with a tilting of up to 180°

Increasing the flexibiliy and efficiency of all attachments to a maximum.

The tilt couplers provide a most compact design, featuring minimal height and low weight. An elliptic piston creates a high and constant tilting tourque in both directions. The upper suspension is bolted onto the rotary actuator and therefore provides maximum flexilbility.

The rotary actuator is completely sealed. All components run in a permanent oil bath, providing for low maintenance. The robust housing guarantees a long service life

Available with hydraulic or mechanic locking design for machines with operating weight from 1 to 23 tons.

A non-return valve set is optionally available. A counter-balance valve mounted to the motor provides a safe position of the TC tilt coupler across all angles.

Load hook

Detailed description

Machine requirements for hydraulic Tiltpower coupler:
– One double acting hydraulic circuit (quick coupler), One double acting hydraulic circuit (rotary drive)
– Operating pressure: Quick coupler: 210 – 300 bar, Rotary drive: 250 bar
– Pump capacity: Quick coupler: 5 – 10 l/min, Rotary drive: 5 – 10 l/min
– Excavator needs to be equipped with quick coupler control



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